Christian Counseling in Boston, MA—Work with a Christian Counselor Today

Christian Counseling in Boston, MA—Work with a Christian Counselor Today

Counseling is designed to help people better their lives—whether they are struggling due to a mental illness, other life issues, or lack of success and fulfillment. In any case, a counselor, therapist, or life coach can help the individual improve their health and happiness. Now, Christian counseling is a specific approach to counseling, which combines techniques used in traditional therapy with teachings from the Christian faith. 

If you have ever considered starting a relationship with a counselor and you are devoted to your Christian faith, Christian counseling might be the right counseling option for you. Here at Thriveworks in Boston, MA, we have Christian counselors on our team who can help you work through your given challenges, whilst helping you tap into your Christian faith and steadfast relationship with God. 

“We must let go of the life we have planned,

so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”

–Joseph Campbell

We all have off days. We’re all confronted with challenges. We all struggle. We want you to know that there is no shame to be had in your suffering or in receiving help for your suffering. The Christian counselors at Thriveworks Boston Counseling are dedicated to helping people through their anguish. They’ll help you find the happiness and the success that you’ve been looking for. And they’ll tap into your shared Christian faith to help you do it. If you’re interested in meeting with one of our Christian counselors, please call us. We can get you started with one of these professionals as soon as today or tomorrow. Call (617) 671-1264 to schedule your session or hear more about our services.

How Does Christian Counseling Work? How Can It Help?

Christian counseling can help people work through challenges that feel insurmountable, such as a mental illness. It can also help people work through smaller problems, like managing their work-life balance. Whatever it is, they will use both therapeutic practices and teachings from Christianity.

Thriveworks Boston would love to set you up with a Christian counselor so that you can start making improvements in your life. They can help you...

  • Work through conflicts with your significant other or your spouse 
  • Build happier relationships with your loved ones
  • Better manage your work-life balance and stressors
  • Cope with symptoms of a mental illness
  • Work through substance abuse and addiction problems
  • Accomplish more in your personal or professional life

The Christian counselors at Thriveworks in Boston, MA utilize a variety of approaches in their work. They will base your specific plan for treatment on the needs and goals that you identify. They will also consider any preferences you might have for treatment, such as whether or not you would like a heavy emphasis on prayer, teachings from the Bible, and so on.

Start a Relationship with a Christian Counselor at Thriveworks Boston

If you’re interested in exploring what Christian counseling can help you accomplish, contact Thriveworks Boston. We have multiple offices in the Boston, MA area, and we will work to set you up with a Christian counselor at your earliest convenience. 

When you begin Christian counseling, your counselor will get to know you (including those needs and goals we mentioned earlier). Then, they will come up with a personalized treatment plan just for you. You can look forward to learning effective tools for managing a range of mental health problems and life issues; finding undying support in your counselor; and moving closer to God as well as your Christian faith.

If you’re ready to begin Christian counseling, give our office a call at (617) 671-1264. Your Christian counselor can’t wait to meet you and help you grow through this experience.

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