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Have you ever needed help, but were too afraid to ask? Some of us are a little hesitant or even unwilling to seek help. But in all honesty, we all need help from time to time. And who better to receive help from than an experienced individual who truly cares about your wellbeing?

If you’re suffering and you’re struggling to find a solution, consider meeting with a Christian counselor at Thriveworks Newton. These professionals are equipped with the qualifications, the training, and the experience to help you—not to mention, they wholeheartedly care about you and where your life is headed.

What Is Christian Counseling? Who Can Benefit?

Christian counseling is a therapeutic approach, which holds the importance of looking at your entire self: your biological, psychological, social, and spiritual identity. These are all vital pieces to who you are and how you function—that said, we often neglect our spiritual beings, which makes Christian counseling especially beneficial.

If you’re thinking, “But, I’m not super religious,” that’s okay! The thing is you don’t have to be “super religious” to find value in Christian counseling. Your counselor will modify your experience to best help you, depending on your religious/spiritual beliefs, in addition to your goals for therapy. In any case, this approach to therapy typically uses one’s faith, morals, and values to guide its direction, of which are defined by the individual’s…

·       Ability to love and be loved in return
·       Empathetic nature and response to others
·       Want to help and serve those around them

Set Up a Session With a Christian Counselor at Thriveworks Newton

Experience the benefits of Christian counseling for yourself: book a session at Thriveworks Newton. A scheduling specialist is happy to set you up with a provider who can best help you. All you have to do is give us a call at (617) 992-2827 to get started or you can do so via our main site here.

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