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Sometimes, we’re too afraid to ask for help. And we continue to struggle because of this fear and refusal to do so. Why is that? Why do we cripple ourselves by resisting a little assistance? Oftentimes, it’s because of another fear: judgment.

If you’re struggling in life and need help, but fear being judged, you’ve come to the right place: Thriveworks Waltham. Our Christian counselors have the expertise, as well as the compassion, to help you out of whatever rut you’re in—and they are free of judgment. They’ll use their unique skillset to best help you over whatever hurdle is in your way and offer guidance for making life-changing strides toward a happier you.

What Exactly Is Christian Counseling? Can It Help Me?

This is a unique approach to therapy, of which focuses on the importance of attending to all parts of yourself: your biological self, your psychological self, your social self, and your spiritual self. Now, Christian counseling places a little extra emphasis on understanding and prioritizing your spiritual self, because we often neglect it.

Here’s another important tidbit: you don’t have to be “super religious” to seek and benefit from Christian counseling. You can explain your religious or spiritual inclinations to your counselor, and they will structure your specific treatment plan around these beliefs, as well as your presenting issue(s) and end goals. That said, there is a common thread in Christian counseling, and that’s the focus on an individual’s values, which can be defined by their…

·      Loving and nurturing nature
·      Empathetic response
·      Desire to serve their community
·      Ability to spread (as well as experience) joy

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Experience the benefits of working with a Christian counselor yourself—book a session at Thriveworks Waltham today. If you’re going through a hard time, our providers want to step in and help you find healing. To get scheduled, all you have to do is give us a call at (781) 309-9149 or visit our main Thriveworks Waltham site here.

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